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August 4, 2017 - No Comments!

New song from Melanin Records!

Through a partnership with Baltimore City’s YouthWorks, the Believe in Music program was temporarily transformed into a worksite modeled after our student’s record label!

This summer our students were employed by Melanin Records to work as songwriters, performers, studio engineers, and producers. Our students worked with instructors to create their own instrumentals, record their own podcasts, as well as write and record their own songs. The first three weeks were training weeks, consisting of daily Ableton lessons and guided group recording projects. Students also played rhyming games and workshopped each other’s lyrics. During the last two weeks, students worked on self-guided creative projects and collaborations.

Check out one of our favorite tracks from the kids this summer, "America"
and make sure to stayed tuned with Melanin Records'
 blog and instagram pages. Be on the lookout for more creative content from our students!







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